Karl Marx vänder sig i graven........

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"Varför skulle han det? Han var ju själv en mästare på att leva på andras pengar."

Var har du det från?

Är det det här du använder som grund för din utsaga?

"In order to help Marx with the new publishing effort in London,
Neue Rheinische Zeitung Politisch-ökonomische Revue, Engels sought
ways to escape the continent and travel to London. On 5 October 1849,
Engels arrived in the Italian port city of Genoa.[67] There, Engels
booked passage on the English schooner, Cornish Diamond under the command
of a Captain Stevens.[68] The voyage across the western Mediterranean,
around the Iberian Peninsula by sailing schooner took about five weeks.
Finally, on 10 November 1849 the Cornish Diamond sailed up the River Thames
to London with Engels on board.[69]
Once Engels made it to Britain, he decided to re-enter the Manchester company
in which his father held shares, in order to be able to support Marx financially,
so that Marx could work on his masterpiece Das Kapital. Engels didn't like the work
but did it for the good of the cause."


Marx sin situation var då:
"During the first half of the 1850s the Marx family lived in poverty in a three room
flat in the Soho quarter of London. Marx and Jenny already had four children and two
more were to follow. Of these only three survived. Marx's major source of income at this
time was Engels who was trying a steadily increasing income from the family business
in Manchester. This was supplemented by weekly articles written as a foreign correspondent
for the New York Daily Tribune."



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