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Jag roar mig med att försöka googla fram lite information som kunde vidimera det som sägs i Maritimebullentin, och det som Håkan berättat. Har hittills hittat detta:

Washington Post

"She said the captain on the medium-size container ship she was on had been at sea for 42 years, having crossed the canal more times than he could remember. He said he had “never seen this crew do anything except sit in their special crew cabin,” George recounted."

Wall Street Journal skriver bl.a. så här:

"The pilots, many of whom are retired sailors from the Egyptian Navy, haven’t always been entirely welcome.

In 2017, a local shipping agent complained about pilots demanding 17 cartons of cigarettes and other goods to let his ship pass. The head of the Suez Canal Authority at the time dismissed his remarks as an attempt to besmirch Egypt’s reputation. Workers divide up their haul among themselves, a former pilot said.

Questions are also being raised in the industry about the role canal pilots might have played when the 1,300-foot Ever Given veered right during a sandstorm on March 23, lodging its bow in the side of the canal and backing up traffic for days."


Och nu hittar jag detta:



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